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— Bobby Tacoma
— Heather Huber
— Jarad Ziemba
— Jonah Magar
— Dave Bernard
— Eric Dluzniewski/Todd Krone
— Dave Goodrich


Shame On Us
This song was composed in reaction to a news article that Heather saw. Some white guys killed a man just because he was black - [MrH]
Self explanatory, Heather does not like chemistry - [MrH]
What could I say
That would stop all this hate?
That could make a difference
In the world today?
Should it be up to me?
Could I make them see
That the world is naught
Without diversity?

What are they thinking?
What are they drinking
That would make them be able
To kill without blinking?
I don't see color.
I don't see hues,
But I guess not everybody
Sees like I do.

Shame on us
For stopping change
Shame on us
For fueling rage.
Shame on us
For pointing blame.
I'm looking towards tomorrow,
And it's all the same.

What could I do
That would start a new view?
If I gave them a thought,
Would it give them a clue?
Could they wake up one day
Feeling new and changed?
Or are they gonna live their lives
Every day the same?

Something's gotta be done.
Something's gotta be said.
'Cause too many people
Are ending up dead.
We've gotta find a way
To stop this pointless hate
'Cause if we don't act now,
It'll be too late.
40 minutes left.
20 down, twice as many to go.
I'll try to keep myself awake
'Cause forced to learn about absolute zero.

The kid behind me's asleep.
He's got his head down. He doesn't care
About dipole-dipole forces, London dispersion,
And frankly I don't see why I should either.

Chemistry doesn't interest me
Like English does or Band,
Undeniably it's the dullest class
That I have ever had.
I guess I should try to get a good grade,
Do the best I can,
But I still have my opinion,
Which is that it's bad.

And I hate Chemistry,
Isn't gonna do anything for me.
Molar mass just isn't my thing.
And I don't care about Cesium,
Or water vapor reaching equilibrium,
Or why that hydrogen gas is diffusing.
Chemistry just isn't amusing.

5 minutes left!
I'm almost done, I'm almost free!
At least until I get home
And my homework gets the best of me.

I'm so excited!
Now I get to go to history.
I know it isn't that great,
But it's better than Chemistry.
Liar, Liar
Funk Dis
(Jarad and Heather)
Dedicated to all of the self absorbed losers out there that are shallow, vain and can't manage to have an honest moment in their lives - [MrH]
Inspired by a love of music...'nuff said - [MrH]
Two-faced liar
A social whore.
Honesty never
Known before.
Always leads
To desperation,
Lies, and greed.

Two-faced liar
A human snake.
Never considers
What's at stake.
Does he care
About how others feel?
Is he aware
Of what his actions reveal?

Liar, Liar
Pants on fire
Hypocritical desire
Dire, dire
Thoughts inspire
Hypocritical desire.

Monkey see, monkey do
Monkey won't care
If they're lies or truth.
Monkey lies to suit his needs.
He might trick some but he can't fool me.
He might trick some but he can't fool me.
He might trick some but he can't fool me.

What's on your mind?
I hope you get
Payback in time.
A big fat fist
Shoved in your gut.
I never miss
Once I erupt.

Sometimes it's like a hurricane,
Knocking at my front door.
It's banging on the window pane.
I'm begging it for more.

It's so dumbfounding
It surrounds me, begging me to stay
And I can't refuse an offer
When it's asked that way.

It's a wave in the ocean
And I'm riding on the top.
It's a roller coaster ride
That I'm never gonna stop.

It's my security blanket -
I feel safe and sound.
I'm on a rocket to the moon
And I'm never coming down.

Get up!
Get down!
Just move around!

It's my big, big thrill.
It's my methamphetamine.
It's the fuel in my engine.
It's my gasoline.

Like being four years old
In your mother's arms,
It's the feeling that there's nothing
That could do you any harm.

It's a bright, bright day
Or a dark, dark night.
No matter how you're playing,
You're feeling something right.

It's like you're skydiving, free-falling,
But this time it's real
And no matter how the song goes,
You're playing what you feel.

Listen close now
Can you feel the rhythm?
Can you see all the notes?
Can you reach out and get 'em?
Can you feel the harmony
Deep in your soul?
You gotta let it loose
You gotta set it free
And lose control.

2006 BLAMO, All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.